When it comes to choosing secure lockable confidential waste bins and in particular the wooden lockable units known as shredding consoles there are some things that we can do that others simply can not and we feel it is important to highlight these:

Our shredding consoles are extremely good quality and built to last unlike some others we see.

Would you buy equipment without a guarantee?

Why buy shredding consoles without one? Ours come with a 5 year no quibble guarantee 

Why use us?

We have the knowledge - we have been involved in document shredding for 15 years and have extensive knowledge of the industry.

We have the stock - we do not have to wait on a ship from the far east to dock before you get your order most items are in stock and if not they will be manufactured in days.

We have the guarantees - 5 years - very few of our competitors can offer you ANY sort of guarantee

We have the delivery structure - we have our own vans and drivers so we can guarantee delivery.

We have the prices - always the best possible for quality units.  Please feel free to visit our factory and see for yourself!

Call 07729 630054 or email

Shredding Console  - repairs

We can repair shredding consoles regardless of original manufacturer most common repairs are new locks, hinges, hooks and doors. Cheaper than replacing full consoles.