Paper Sacks

Made from fully recyclable 2 ply paper, peel and seal sacks specifically designed for  document shredding sack allows full documents to be kept inside the sack and then the entire contents can be shredded to ensure complete protection. The sacks offer convenience and time saving benefits as whole bag can be shredded rather than each individual document. Single use sack. Tel 07729 630054 for immediate assistance.  

Polypropylene Sacks

We offer a huge range of the ever popular multiple use 50 x 75 polypropylene sacks for multiple use. These can be supplied printed with your company details, website and contact numbers or blank. Various sizes available.

Tel 07729 630054  or email for more details of prices and lead times. 

We always strive  to provide the very best service to our document shredding customers, recycling companies, printers and document storage customers. We have our own fleet delivery vehicles as well as using tried and trusted hauliers and couriers ensuring good delivery of shredding consoles and lockable bins. Our shredding consoles and shredding console sacks are manufactured to the highest possible standard here in the UK as we can rely on the same level of quality and ensure compliance with all the correct wood related standards and health and safety rules.
Our knowledge of the document shredding industry is extensive and we know what sort of product will work and what does not. We are offered what we believe to be sub standard shredding consoles on a daily basis and will never comprise on our standards. Telephone 
07729 630054 for immediate assistance for prices and delivery for all our shredding consoles, shredding cabinet and lockable bins.

Methods of Data Protection.

Regardless of whether you’re a business or an individual, data protection is among the most vital things that the current society has and this is more so considering how malicious people have become and what may seem harmless to you can be used by another person to make your life a living hell. This is why it is important for one to be conversant with the different methods that they can use to protect their data and that of their business. Here are four very vital ways that you can keep your data safe and each depends on whether the data you are storing is in a sot or hard copy form.

Keep it away from sight.

It is usually said that out of sight out of mind. As much as this is used to refer to people, the same applies to your data. If you keep it out in the open chances are that they are more likely to fall in the wrong hands. That is why you should make sure that your laptop is password protected and if the data is contained in documents, then it should be safely tucked away in safes. However, if you don’t have a safe, you may want to consider placing the documents in an area where they would not be easily found.

Skip the recycle bin.

One of the greatest mistakes that people make while deleting documents and more so sensitive data from their computer is by deleting it to the recycle bin. Keep in mind that here all one has to do is restore the document and they can be able to view it. Instead of doing this, if you don’t intend to keep the information at all, then you can do a permanent delete. This ensures that the documents or the data cannot be retrieved unless special mechanisms are used which makes it an ideal way of deleting especially if you’re the kind to keep forgetting to empty the recycle bin.


One of the most ideal ways of keeping your data safe is shredding it especially if you don’t intend to use it anymore. Simply tossing it in the dust bin makes it likely or it to be scooped up. This is more so the case if a person is looking for such information, they will always go to the bin first. By getting a good shredder, you should be able to simply insert the papers that you’re looking to dispose and the shredder will do the dirty work for you. It is a simple way of making sure that all your data is safe even if it is not needed.


This applies to the soft copies and the data that you don’t want to dispose and still hold valuable. There are a variety of ways that you can be able to do this but that largely depends on the level of security that you want for your documents. You can download a variety of softwares that can help you with that or choose an online backup service since all of them use encryption when saving your documents and data.

Regardless of whether the data that you’re using at your business has served its course or is still useful, it is vital to store or dispose of it in a meaningful and safe manner to ensure that it does not come back to hurt you.