These units are designed specifically for the secure storage  of no longer required hard drives. These units are lockable and have a unique slot where the hard drives can be dropped into the unit until there is sufficient to warrant a collection of hard drives for destruction. These unique consoles are a valuable way of discussing both electrical equipment disposal and document destruction with either existing or potential customers.  For more information Tel 07729 630054 for more details or email shreddingconsole@outlook.com

We have over 15 years experience in the document shredding and security shredding industry and our knowledge of how shredding consoles should be constructed both from a technical and practical point of view is unparalleled  For example we know that end users WILL place often heavy items on top of these units for long periods of time that is the most common failure of cheap imported cabinets is that the weight for the these items has to be transferred to the side of the cabinets and not the top or they will collapse. Also 18mm is the correct thickness of the wood for shredding consoles not 12mm or 15mm as is often the case with imported wooden shredding consoles.  Plus of course we support British industry as we manufacture in the UK not import from Far East. Tel 07729 630054

It is no surprise we look after the requirements of over 1000 shredding and recycling companies in UK and Europe!

We always try to provide the very best service to all our document shredding customers and document storage customers. We have our own delivery vehicles as well as using tried and trusted hauliers and couriers. Our shredding consoles and shredding console sacks are manufactured to the highest possible standard here in the UK as we can rely on the same level of quality and ensure compliance with all the correct wood related standards and health and safety rules.
Our knowledge of the document shredding industry is extensive and we know what sort of product will work and what does not. We are offered what we genuinely believe to be sub standard shredding consoles on a daily basis and will never comprise on our standards. If you are interested in any aspect of our shredding console/s please call 
07729 630054