Site Hacked

May 8, 2017
Thanks to the person or persons that hacked my site - no idea what you get out of that but back online again!!

Happy New Year to all our shredding company customers

January 14, 2017
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Great Deals on all shredding consoles

April 7, 2016
Call us with your requirements on 07729 630054
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Shredding Consoles

March 26, 2016

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Red Shredding Consoles

March 9, 2015
Our first ever red shredding console! Looks pretty good 
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Shredding Console Colours

January 4, 2015

We love our shredding consoles and although beech/granite is still by a massive margin our top seller followed by grey/granite but my favourite is richmond oak and we do have a few organisations that insist on these and I can see why.


It will be interesting in 2015 to see if the trend continues but the choice is there and customers do like this option!  

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Drug Packaging Recycled into Shredding Consoles

September 2, 2014

Recycling of drug packaging is very difficult due to numerous types of plastics, coated foils and sticky labels well that was until global recycling expert turned his attention to finding a solution. Angus Carnie the expert who invented the recycling process for turning waste toner powder into plastic products such as bases of road cones, security bins and non drip paint. Carnie is also the technical Director of the largest supplier of shredding consoles used mainly in the document shredding ...

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Confidential Waste Bin

August 24, 2014

In the UK today data protection for businesses is absolutely crucial with fines for breaching the Data Protection Act now increased to £500,000. Plus the breach is widely publicised in the press and on the internet. Companies that have been fined include many high profile organisations and hospitals but lots of small companies too!

Fortunately they are fairly inexpensive solutions available.Having a proper system is the key to compliance. One of the best ways is to have a designated lockabl...

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What makes a good shredding console?

August 23, 2014

What makes a good confidential paper shredding console?


Apart from obviously ours here are a few things that are important.

They need to be strong as we know in the real world that customers will put items on top of them such as printers, files and so on and these weights will be there for a long time. We only use 18mm wood as we know through years of experience that is the thickness required.

Ready assembled by professionals – flat packed is not an ideal option as they are security c...

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Shredding Consoles and bins

June 10, 2014

We pride ourselves on the levels of service we provide to all our customers large and small.  Whether it is one shredding console or lockable bin or a 1,000  it makes no difference as we have been around long enough to know that from some of our smaller enquiries have come our biggest!

We supply pretty much all the main shredding companies in the UK and Europe so if the units you have seen looked remarkably like ours then they probably are ours.

We call these units shredding consoles but ov...

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Shredding Company Supplies

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