In the UK today data protection for businesses is absolutely crucial with fines for breaching the Data Protection Act now increased to £500,000. Plus the breach is widely publicised in the press and on the internet. Companies that have been fined include many high profile organisations and hospitals but lots of small companies too!

Fortunately they are fairly inexpensive solutions available.Having a proper system is the key to compliance. One of the best ways is to have a designated lockable bin or bins at key points in the office or other points where this sort of waste is created such as photocopiers, packing areas and so on. Nowadays there is a huge choice and types of bins. But it should be remembered that they must be lockable and clearly used for confidential waste.  

Some businesses rely of confidential waste sacks which are ideal for ad-hoc clearances but not ideal for regular work as they are accessible by others for example visitors or cleaners and therefore a far from ideal solution.