Recycling of drug packaging is very difficult due to numerous types of plastics, coated foils and sticky labels well that was until global recycling expert turned his attention to finding a solution. Angus Carnie the expert who invented the recycling process for turning waste toner powder into plastic products such as bases of road cones, security bins and non drip paint. Carnie is also the technical Director of the largest supplier of shredding consoles used mainly in the document shredding industry for the storage of confidential documents prior to secure destruction. The panels of the units are manufactured from recycled wood which has been finely shredded and pressed into panels. The panels are then veneered with whatever wood or colour the customer requires matching the relevant office environment. 

Carnie has now pioneered how to shred the drug packaging and include this material into the panels which can then be made into shredding consoles. Carnie explained it is really like making a toasty but with a slightly different filling!

Hospitals in particular have huge quantities of drug packaging and confidential documents so it really is a perfect match a waste providing a solution and with the fines for breaching the Data Protection Act now up to £500,000 it is sure to be a welcome solution for businesses connected to the medical industry.