Having been in this industry for over 10 years you pick up a bit of knowledge on the way! So my mission was to redesign console sacks to make them stronger and last longer and hopefully cheaper! But not loose all the aspects we like about them. 
So after dozens of meetings with textile experts and textile manufacturers we have done it!
For strength the sack must only be made out of one piece of material and be a min of 6oz nylon it must also have the seam in one place and not in load bearing position. It must be stitched using heavy weight polyester thread.
The cord and lock are weak points both in terms of security and wear of the sack. I have replaced with a patented knot system which securely ties and un ties the sack in seconds.

And yes they can be in any colour. I have in stock 2.500 in blue and 500 in red. 

Please visit either www.securityconsole.co.uk or www.shreddingconsole.co.uk for more details