We pride ourselves on the levels of service we provide to all our customers large and small.  Whether it is one shredding console or lockable bin or a 1,000  it makes no difference as we have been around long enough to know that from some of our smaller enquiries have come our biggest!

We supply pretty much all the main shredding companies in the UK and Europe so if the units you have seen looked remarkably like ours then they probably are ours.

We call these units shredding consoles but over the years a few other names have developed such as security consoles, document shredding bins, lockable bins, confidential waste bins, shredding cabinets and so on.

How to compare shredding consoles? We often get asked this and we have pretty strict rules as we know what works and what does not! Yes we could make things cheaper but at the expense of quality so not prepared to do it.

We use 18mm wood as we know in the real world that customers will use these units as an additional piece of office furniture and stick a printer or files on top of it so it needs to be strong hence 18mm not 15mm

We use very strong hooks internally as we know paper is heavy and simple cup hooks will not work.