We believe recycling is crucial in business in the UK today for the following reasons: 

Staff recruitment and retention

A recycling scheme creates a good impression to prospective employees if the business cares about the environment and of course the wider community. Employees like to be involved in green initiatives.  And for the fairly minor cost of a few office recycling bins most businesses can adopt a green recycling scheme for paper, cans, card board very easily.

Customer perception

Customers and clients like to deal with businesses that care about the environment and a few recycling bins in key locations such as reception can make all the difference. These can be purchased from www.officerecycling-bins.co.uk

Data Protection

Protecting confidential data is vital in business and the fines under the terms of The Data Protection Act are huge – up to £500,000.  With the addition of document shredding cabinets which make it easy for staff members a proper compliant system is then in place. These can be purchased from www.securityconsole.co.uk