Top 10 Reasons to Choose us as your Strategic Partner

10. Increased Efficiencies

Creating products that help you get in and out of a location quickly is a key goal of ours. We create products for the document shredding industry that are easy to use and designed to avoid time consuming pickups. Our products offer the ability for strategic collection locations when space is limited and features that decrease the time it takes to collect at your locations. All of our products are designed to save you time and money on pickups. We can deliver shredding consoles, lockable bins and shredding cabinets direct to your clients including siting.

9. Marketing Support

We understand that your success is our success. We offer free custom information sheets on our products that are branded with your logo and company identity to help you win the big contracts. Marketing your business well is important. We’ll help you win.

8. Innovative Products

Business Plus is committed to innovation of document shredding related products that saves you time and money. Most importantly, we listen. From developing product with better deployment, time saving features, that increase collection times and save money. Features or suggestions that can help you operate your business better don’t fall on deaf ears. We listen to our customers and develop product that helps you succeed.

7. Industry knowledge

With many years of industry of document shredding knowledge and expertise, Our Sales Director is an ex National Sales Manager and key player in the document destruction industry. From dealing with large national organisations to thousands of independent shredding companies, Business Plus has unique insight into how the industry works and can offer guidance on how to grow your business and increase your bottom line.

6. Warranties

We stand by our product by offering full guarantees on all of our shredding consoles and related products (no other provider does this). We support the growth of your business by giving you superior product/s and supporting the use of it. We understand that your investment in success, is our success.

5. Ethical Manufacturing

Business Plus strives to be ethical in all its manufacturing processes. We offer environmentally friendly solutions. We maximize the amount of recycled content used in the containers and offer product that is recyclable. We also do not source product from overseas, manufacturing only in United Kingdom.

4. Business support

We deal with thousands of document destruction professionals across the world. Through years of conversations we know what strategies win and which ones lose. We will support any business from a start up, to large organization by offering innovative strategies and support from a wealth of knowledge gleaned from proven success models. The more we support you growing your business, the better we all do.

3. Choice is important

We understand that meeting your customer’s needs is vital to winning business so if your client has special requirements we will meet them. Recently we required green consoles so we produced green consoles. We had a request for a police force to produce knife amnesty consoles and they are now part of our range of shredding consoles.

2. Support of the UK economy

Business Plus is dedicated to supporting the UK economy. We do not import product from overseas. We support UK jobs, locally made product and have local warehouses that help the UK economy.

1. Fast Turnaround Times

We get you your security consoles or lockable bins when you need it where you need it. We can offer extremely fast turnaround times on all our products. We help you get your product fast and avoid long waits from product made overseas. Since our warehouses turn around product so quickly, you don’t need to tie up costly square footage with multiple containers. We take the burden and cost of warehousing your containers off you.

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